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As far as we know from science, Tumblr is the actual best part of the universe.

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It’s a thing of joy to customize how your blog looks in the Tumblr mobile apps and on the Dashboard. 33 fonts, 16 million colors, a large and in-charge header image.

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Your place for donuts, cell phones, dogs, music, mustaches, high heels, hamburgers, yin-yangs, vinyl records, Nintendo controllers, pizza, cars, bow ties, question marks, rainbows, basketballs, peanut butter, speech bubbles, creepy eyes, Saturn, skateboards, kitty-cats, ice cream, robots, palm trees, coffee, eyeglasses, cameras, pencils, and every other thing.

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To send a private note to a user, click the little envelope in the upper right-hand corner of any blog you follow. Just compose and customize your message, then hit send. And boom. They’ve got Fan Mail.

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Ever see something on Tumblr and wish it was on your blog? Well, it can be. Just hit the reblog button on the post, add some stuff if you’d like, and voila! Touch it and make it yours.

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Eighty-five million blog posts are published on Tumblr every day, and we’re constantly inspired by the endless sea of creativity you produce. Thanks for making this place so awesome.

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